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Valentine’s Day, 2020

There’s just under a month before the big romance day. Is everybody prepared? Have you lined up dinner plans? Picked out a bouquet? Decided on a particular chocolate assortment? All of these things are good (and in some cases, required), but this year, give your significant other something that will last longer.

[Gee… I wonder what the mug company will suggest?]

A submarine! Just kidding. Get them a fun coffee mug that speaks to their interests. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Their Job

We’ve got dozens of these “My Degree” mugs. Or you can click the “Shop All Mugs” link at the top of any page and see collections for specific professions.

2. A Favorite Animal

Does your beloved have pets? Do they collect animal figurines? Are they a conservation supporter? We have a zoo’s worth of animal mugs. Search from our home page.

3. A Hobby

Does your sweetheart have a drive to create? They’ll want caffeine to keep going! Search for different hobbies on our home page.

4. A Sport

Do you both play the same sports? On the same team or as opponents? We have mugs for a whole field of sports. Look for your favorites from our home page.

5. A Reader

Not everyone gets physical in their down time, and that’s okay. If your special someone is always nose-deep in a book, we’ve got you covered.

6. Their Name or Initial

Have you set aside a drawer for your dearest? If you’re not quite at that point in the relationship, you can at least give them their own mug for when they come over.

7. For the Tea Drinker

If your valentine prefers tea to coffee, don’t worry! We have sets ranging from two people all the way up to a full service.

8. For the Wine Lover

If the apple of your eye enjoys the fruit of the vine, get a mug to celebrate it!

9. For the Commuter

If your paramour has a regular commute, how about a practical gift? These stainless steel tumblers will keep their favorite beverage at the right temperature for hours.

10. For the Singles

It can be annoying to have to put up with all of the couple-related marketing for the day, but being single has a lot of advantages, too. You only have to spend money on you, so treat yourself to the mug you like!

Didn’t see a favorite? Do a search from our home page for more specifics. Getting a matching set for both of you? Awesome! U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!