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Very Taxing

No one likes paying taxes, but we all enjoy the benefits they bring. Good roads, emergency services, safe water, and if you’re in a real country, health care and higher education.

State and Federal governments love to mess with the tax code. It seems that every year, there are different exemptions, new tables, additional schedules, and even more convoluted formulas. Electronic filing programs can help a great deal if you have simple income and expenditures, but if you have multiple income streams, run a home-based business, or had big changes in the family, your best bet for minimizing payments or maximizing returns is to use a professional accountant.

April 15 is tax day in the U.S. This year, when you head into that office with your W2s, your 1099s, and your box of receipts, include one of our fun Accountant mugs as a way to say thank you!

1. Because I said so.

There are four people you should always listen to: Your mother, your doctor, your lawyer, and your accountant.

2. Superhero

They keep us from being penalized for our “creative accounting.”

3. There’s no app for that.

No, you can’t write off the money you gave to your lazy brother-in-law as a failed investment.

4. Putting the ‘fun’ in Function

You can use it for more than making pixel art. Who knew?

5. English or Math?

If you can double my return, I don’t care how you spell it.

You can see more of our collection of Accountant mugs here. Have a whole team of CPAs looking out for you? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!