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Veterans Day

I think it’s appropriate that right after the elections, the U.S. celebrates Veterans Day. You’ve gone through the Democratic process; time to recognize the men and women that made it possible. If you or a loved one served in the Armed Forces, mere thanks aren’t enough.

We may not be able to give them everything they truly deserve, but no soldier gets very far without their coffee, so check out our collection of Veteran mugs for a useful gift!

1. Roles

No one is ever just one thing. Celebrate their many roles!

2. Yes, S…uh…Ma’am!

It’s nice of the government to spend thousands of dollars training them so you don’t have to.

3. Not Even Close

A great Christmas gift from the grandkids.

4. Decisive

You have to commit to making that first step.

5. Proof

There may be a couple of medals in the box, too.

6. Pride

People who didn’t serve will never understand.

7. Low Tolerance

When so much of the military depends on people not being total incompetents, you get very annoyed when you run into it.

8. Receipt

So you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

9. Old Glory

The banner under which all of our veterans fought.

These are some of the Veteran mugs we have in stock. We also have mugs for specific military branches. Click for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine mugs!