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Some people are just driven to create. Sometimes they can monetize their creations, and sometimes their work exists for no other reason than to be beautiful, instructive, or inspiring.

(That being said, if you hire a creative person to make something for you, don’t offer to pay them in exposure. They can’t pay bills with exposure.)

Throughout history, patrons have commissioned artists for sculptures, paintings, songs, and other creative works. Portraits were common, as was statuary. Very often, a city or church would hire an artist to design buildings or decorate sanctuaries, and national governments have commissioned flags, seals, and anthems, as well as sponsoring orchestras and dance troupes.

October 25 is International Artists Day, so if you know an artist of any kind, let them know you appreciate their work. We have suggestions:

1. Dancer

It’s art through movement. We can all appreciate grace, precision, passion, and energy, even if we have two left feet.

2. Musician

Music can make you laugh, cry, sing, dance, and more. Live concerts can take it to another level entirely.

3. Photographer

It literally means “drawing with light.” You may not know exactly why a certain photograph appeals to you, but it definitely takes skill to evoke that reaction.

4. Architect

Some art you can walk around inside of. There are so many styles of architecture (and interior design), it’s hard not to find something to like.

5. Actor

You probably have a favorite actor or three. A good actor brings depth to a character, and makes you root for or despise them as intended.

There are all kinds of ways to make art. The list above is just a few of them. You can search for your specific art from our home page. Buying gifts for the whole collective? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping! That saves you enough for a paintbrush or two.