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Walk this Way

Did someone make you angry? Are you bored with the same old routine? Feeling a little overwhelmed at work?

Walk it off.

That’s not a dismissal; that’s a suggestion. Walking gives you a change of scenery, time to cool down, and some light exercise. You can return to your normal day feeling refreshed and energized. If the weather isn’t cooperating, most gyms have indoor tracks, and a lot of malls encourage walkers to use their space. You can get a treadmill for your home and walk while you watch television, listen to podcasts, or just let your mind wander. Some people even use a treadmill with a standing desk and get work done while they walk.

The average recommendation is to take 10,000 steps a day (depending on goals, health, diet, etc.). July 27 is Take a Walk Day, and that’s a great reason to start! Check out some of our walking mugs!

1. Speed or Distance

Have you ever been to a popular vacation spot by yourself? You can blow through it very fast. But it’s also over more quickly than if you had friends along.

2. Boon Companion

If you need a motivation to walk every day, get a dog. Hint for single guys: women love puppies. Just saying.

3. Technically…

It might qualify as a walk, but it’s the creepiest version of one.

4. Movement

Once you are comfortable with your walks, pick up the pace.

5. There’s Always One

It’s easy to use work as an excuse for not exercising, and it’s hard to overcome inertia. Give it a shot, though.

These are just some of the walking mugs we stock. Click that link for more. Prefer another form of exercise? You can search for it from our home page. And remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so pick up mugs for yourself and your walking buddies!