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Weaving the Dream

My family is originally from Scotland, and my Great Grandmother had all of our clan tartans displayed in her living room. I also have relatives among the Eastern Band of Cherokee, a tribe known for—among other things—their beautiful hand-woven cane baskets. So you’d think that weaving was in my blood.

It used to be.

When I was in college, one of my summer jobs was at a textile plant. In the basement, ninety looms churned out hundreds of pounds of fluffy towels every hour, wrapping them onto spindles to create rolls that were easily three feet in diameter. It was my job to go around with a cart and offload these rolls in order to take them up to Finishing on the second floor. It was quite an ordeal to maneuver 1500 pounds of cloth and cart into the freight elevator a couple dozen times a day. Add to that the fact that the basement had to be kept at 87% humidity to prevent thread breakage, and that this was in central Georgia in July and August, and, well… all my love for weaving just boiled right out of me.

Even though I have no desire to attempt it myself, I still appreciate the effort that goes into creating a nice rug, wall hanging, basket, or piece of clothing, especially those with intricate patterns. If you or someone you know enjoys working a loom, our weaving mugs make great gifts!

1. Is it 5:00 yet?

If you’re like most crafty folk, you only work to support your hobby.

2. Purl of Wisdom

Just be quiet and still until I’m finished, or the next project will be a shroud.

3. Have Loom – Will Travel

I once met a woman that had a loom set up in an old horse trailer, and traveled around the country making custom rugs for craft fairs and art shows. She said she couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else.

4. Who wants a trivet?

Bag of yarn. A cardboard loom. Instant time-passer for long car rides or boring TV shows.

5. Addiction

The less important stuff—like my job—only gets five days. I know how to prioritize.

These are just a few of the great weaving mugs we have available. And don’t forget, you can always customize a mug for your friends and family!