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What’s the Dill?

When I became a single dad, I had to ramp up my cooking skills. I wasn’t completely useless in the kitchen, but my meals wouldn’t exactly win any prizes, either. I had the basic pots and pans, a few dull knives, and exactly three spices: salt, some sort of grilling blend, and a bottle of lemon pepper that had fallen behind the pantry.

Fast forward a few years, and my kitchen setup has grown by leaps and bounds. I have crocks on the counter holding specialized utensils such as a microplane, tenderizer, and digital thermometer; I own a professional knife set now; I have a section of the pantry dedicated to baking, with four (four!) different kinds of flour.

By far, the biggest change has been in my spice cabinet. Yes, now I need an entire cabinet. I’ve gone from three pitiful selections to over forty different herbs and spices. I rarely even buy pre-packaged blends anymore because I can make them myself, and I’m slowly learning which items to add (and in what amounts) to get specific flavors in my meals.

June 10 is Herbs and Spices Day, so if you are just starting to unravel the mysteries of sage, fennel, and white pepper, or if you already have a well-stocked spice rack, grab a cup of coffee in your new Chef mug and go make a delicious dinner!

1. Rule of Thumb

When I visit a new restaurant, my main criteria for rating it is: “Is the food worth the gym time it’ll take to offset it?” Amusingly, the head cook at my favorite restaurant goes to my gym.

2. Two Choices

I try to give my kids options for meals, but sometimes those options are “Take it or leave it.”

3. Recipe?

One of my friends is the kind of person that can pull random items from the fridge and pantry and create a culinary masterpiece. She never plans menus or works from recipes. It’s annoyingly admirable.

4. Feed Me, I’m Yours

There’s a whole lot of truth to the old adage about the way to a man’s heart. Also available for chef’s wives.

5. Divine Right

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re going to have an incredibly tasty meal, which you seasoned perfectly.

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