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What’s the Worsted Could Happen?

(sorry for that)

As I sit here typing, the forecast is currently calling for an inch of snow and ice accumulation overnight, with lows in the single digits. Not only will my little town be paralyzed—schools and offices always shut down at the threat of severe weather—but there’s always a chance of losing power, too.

It’s a situation like this that makes knitting such an awesome hobby. First of all, you don’t need electricity to do it. Secondly, you can churn out a nice scarf or blanket to deal with the cold. I could, in a pinch, sew a quilt by hand rather than use my sewing machine, but I’d have to start in the spring to have it ready by the following winter.

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1. No Idle Hands

A good friend of mine knits whenever she’s in one spot longer than ten minutes. She even takes her kit to the movies. We’ve gone in for a matinee and I’ve come out with a new hat. It’s kind of awesome.

2. Don’t Smirk at the Crafty

Where else are you going to get a scarf with your fourteen favorite colors in it?

3. Nothing but infomercials

I think most hobbyists are familiar with this one. You look up to find it’s dark outside, everyone else is asleep, and there’s a great deal on some kitchen gadget on the television.

4. No such thing as “when”

There’s a reason hobby stores stay in business. It’s the same reason drug dealers stay in business.

5. Almost Famous

There are much worse things to be known for than being able to make a shawl or gloves.

6. Just Deal with It

May as well make the best of it. I’ll have a Tom Baker Dr Who scarf, please.

7. These are the jokes, people

Most of the knitters I know are very fun and laid back. Until someone writes down a pattern incorrectly, that is. Such language...

8. The Bard says

You know how people always say there are no stupid questions? Apparently that’s wrong.

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