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What time is it? Tooth hurt-y.

Most of us only think of our dentist twice a year, when we get that little reminder card in the mail saying it’s time for another cleaning. The rest of the year, we brush twice a day, grudgingly floss, wrestle with the mouthwash, and limit our candy intake. That’s what we tell them, anyway, forgetting that they’re trained professionals and we’re not fooling them for a second. And beyond the routine maintenance, they are always ready for emergency repairs and long-term corrective procedures. If you’ve never been incapacitated by a screaming toothache, you’re lucky. If you’ve had a dentist fix that toothache for you, you’re doubly lucky.

March 6 is Dentist’s Day, so why not show your favorite smile-ologist some appreciation for their dedication and care? Check out some of our great Dentist mugs!

1. Say Cheese!

If you’re a parent, you know that finding a good dentist is crucial. I spent more time evaluating dentists for my kids than I did for my last car purchase. This friendly mug would be perfect for your pediatric dentist.

2. In a galaxy far from decay…

Be honest, does anyone really enjoy flossing? That little snap when it hits my gums always makes me flinch. It has to be done, though.

3. You looking for oil, Doc?

I think most of us would agree that it’s not the drilling, per se, but that irritating whine. Of course, my dentist probably says the same thing about me.

4. The Unsung Heroes

These are the folks that make sure the dentist has all of the information and tools they need right at hand to take care of you properly. Give ‘em some accolades.

5. But I saw on Facebook that…

You may not believe this, but not everything on the internet is checked for accuracy. The next time you run across someone claiming that brushing with bleach is fine, or that fluoride is a conspiracy, check with the professional.

6. Three-in-One

A relative of mine shattered several teeth in a car accident. One year and a whole lot of hard work from his dentist later, and you couldn’t even tell. These guys rock.

7. Is it safe?

Sure, pop culture loves painting dentists as sadists, but that’s just lazy writing. Nowadays, they’ll put you under for anything extensive.

8. Probably not Novocaine

If I had to dig around in people’s mouths all day, I’d want alcohol, too.

9. Fight or Flight

It’s impossible to get out of a dental chair quickly, so when that little mirror invades our space, we attack.

10. Without them, there’s no us.

Don’t forget the desk staff! As with any other medical office, these fine people get the paperwork filed, answer questions, and make sure you get your reminders.

This is just a small selection of the Dentist mugs we have available. And you can always have a mug custom designed for your best DDS.