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Who Needs Sleep?

As a single parent, I do it all. Get the kids to school and appointments; stay on top of the housework; plan menus, shop, cook, and clean up afterwards; work to pay the bills. And that’s just the normal, everyday stuff. That doesn’t count the extra planning and effort for special occasions, holidays, social events, vacations, etc.

I use calendars, alarms, spreadsheets, and note apps to keep track of everything, and there’s almost enough time every day to get it all done. I’ve petitioned to have Mondays considered part of the weekend, but haven’t heard anything back. Until then, I just have to get more done in the time I have, and that means I need extra energy.

November 23 is National Espresso Day. Whether you need it for your normal workday, to face the Black Friday madness, or to put up all of the Christmas decorations, you’ll want your caffeine close. Here are some folks that could use a boost!

1. Fuel

Careful, though. Too much caffeine, and your inner monologue turns into an outer one.

2. On Call

No one becomes a doctor because the work schedules are so relaxed. More Doctor mugs are here.

3. Stay Sharp

Watching out for loopholes and making good arguments takes attention and focus. More Lawyer mugs are here.

4. Call Button Abuse

Stuck between the patients and the doctors. And having to take care of them both. More Nurse mugs are here.

5. Come on, summer!

The kids complain that they have to write one essay. They don’t realize the teacher has to grade thirty of them. More Teacher mugs are here.

6. Family Gathering

Grandkids are fun, but keeping up with them can be a challenge. More Grandparent mugs are here.

7. Long Meetings

I don’t know why more companies don’t put a coffee machine in the conference room.

8. Let’s Go!

Stay alert while you travel. More Tumblers are here.

9. In the Office

No matter your job, sometimes you need an extra helping of adrenaline. More Degree mugs are here.

10. That One Friend

Whatever the reason, we all know someone that always seems to be tired or running behind. More Name mugs are here.

These are just a few of the fun mugs we stock. You can see all of our collections here. And if your whole family could use the pick-me-up, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!