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Word(s) of the Day

There are about six thousand languages in the world. Almost half of them are in danger of dying out completely. That may not sound like an issue—languages evolve, after all—but when we lose a language, we lose the culture it came from. For example, no one could read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, so the time period they documented was a mystery to scholars. When the Rosetta Stone was discovered, its decree, written in three different languages, was the key to translating the hieroglyphs. Similar fragments discovered later confirmed the translations. Now historians could read the details of this time period as seen by the people living in it.

Researchers are always thrilled to find diaries, contracts, letters, even receipts, because those items are a window into day-to-day life. Presumably, blogs and social media accounts will serve the same purpose to future historians. But only if they understand the language.

February 23 is International Mother Language Day, so celebrate all things linguistic with a new language mug!

1. Greetings!

If you plan to visit a new country, “hello” is one of the best words to know.

2. Skills

Business has gone global in a big way, so if you speak another language, you have an advantage.

3. Give Me a Sign

There are even translation apps now that convert between a spoken language and the sign language equivalent.

4. Nice to Meet You

Whether you travel for business (see #2 above) or pleasure, people appreciate you making the effort to learn some of their language.

5. Give Me Another

Sticking to the same root (Romance, Germanic, etc.) makes it easier to learn more than one language.

That’s just a small sample of our fun language mugs. To see the whole collection, click HERE, or use the search tools on our home page for more specific results. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That saves you enough for a cheap translation dictionary!