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In nature, animals use displays to pass along information. Bees dance to indicate food sources, peacocks use their tails to attract partners, cats arch their backs to look bigger and frighten predators. All of this is accomplished without any complicated language.

If you’re like me, you can’t competently communicate with words until after your morning coffee. And even after you’ve fueled up, so much of our dialogue is written, nuance and inflection get lost. Was that email a joke? Is this text sarcasm?

July 17th is Emoji Day! If you punctuate your emails with ;) and :D to make sure your message is clear, or have entire text conversations using nothing but pictures, now you can let your coffee mug do the same!

1. It’s Cool, Man

I’m laid back and enjoying the day. No stress. No pressure.

2. Irony

Don’t take anything I say seriously until I’ve finished this mug. And even then…

3. Yay!

I’m excited to be here, and looking forward to whatever comes next.

4. Silly

Sometimes I’m just in a goofy mood.

5. S.W.A.K.

I’ve got your back. You can tell me anything.

6. Awwww

I’ve got meetings all week.

7. Not Me

I am on my best behavior today. As far as anyone can prove, anyway.

8. LOL

I’m either extremely tickled, or I’ve been completely overwhelmed.

9. BFF

Is there anything better than sharing your favorite coffee with your favorite person?

10. Why???

Why can’t weekends last longer?

Some days are better than others, and your mood changes, so it’s a good thing you get free shipping when you order two or more of these fun mugs (US and Canada). Want a different emoji? We can customize a mug just for you!