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5 Pack - Cute Snail Tea Bag Holders


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Doesn’t it drive you nuts when the teabag, including tasty string and paper label, fall into your mug while adding water? And then there’s no spoon to fish it all out?  Yuck!  

Order this 5-piece set of teabag gripper snails and stop the madness!

  • Wrap the string around the snail of your choice so you never have to handle the wet bag again
  • Keeps that pesky label outside the mug where it belongs
  • Keeps the bag in place until you are good and ready to remove it  
  • So candy colorful you’ll always find them in the drawer
  • They’re cute!  
  • It’s eco-friendly silicone, too
  • Your snail still hangs on to the bag if you’re a soaker and sipper 
  • Fun conversation piece that draws attention to your own cute “mug” - just sayin’ 
  • Really affordable gift that is actually useful 

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Order 2+ and Get FREE Shipping In the USA & CANADA!