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Limited Edition - "Wake Up" Shape-Shifting Mug

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Wake Up with Your Favorite Hot Beverage…

When you go to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee, half-asleep and cranky, it would be nice to have a little sympathy. It turns out there's a mug that knows exactly how you feel.

Pour in a hot drink and watch the mug's drowsy eyes magically become alert. Now both you and your mug can face the challenges of the day with eyes wide open.

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Product Specifications

  • High quality porcelain with heat-sensitive eyes that "wake up" when mug is warm, so everyone will know how perky you are...
  • Holds 12oz of liquid, so you'll have lots of help waking up…
  • Not microwave or dishwasher safe, but you can wash it with a soft sponge to keep your mug looking great…
  • Avoid strong sunlight, long soaks in the sink, and scraping the design to keep your mug bright-eyed...

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